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Discos: The Best of Tracey Ullman [RHINO] R2 70292

Este es uno de mis CDs favoritos, no creo que muchos lo conozcan y menos que lo tengan original.

The Best of Tracey Ullman [RHINO] R2 70292



Before her Emmy award-winning series on American television, Ullman was already beloved as a recording artist in her native Britain. This "best of" features all 11 songs from her debut album, the best half of her second, and four single sides. Includes the 1984 smash "They Don't Know."

1. Breakaway
2. Long Live Love
3. Shattered
4. Oh, What a Night
5. (Life Is a Rock) But the Radio Rolled Me
6. Move Over Darling
7. Bobby's Girl
8. They Don't Know
9. (I'm Always Touched by Your) Presence, Dear
10. You Broke My Heart in 17 Places
11. I Close My Eyes and Count to Ten
12. You Caught Me Out [*]
13. Baby I Lied [*]
14. Terry
15. Sunglasses
16. Helpless [*]
17. My Guy
18. Falling in and out of Love [*]
19. I Don't Want Our Loving to Die [*]
20. Dancing in the Dark [*]

[*] Bonus Tracks

Various compilations have been released on CD with slightly different track listings. This review pertains to the Rhino Best of compilation, the first eleven tracks of which are a straight re-issue of Tracey's original debut album.

Tracey first achieved fame in her native Britain as a comedienne, then had a brief career as a pop singer before moving to America, where she resumed her career as a comedienne. The public are always suspicious of established celebrities becoming pop singers, but make no mistake, Tracey can sing, as this and other collections of her music show. She knew her limitations and worked within them effectively and well.

Tracey recorded two original albums on LP. The first, You broke my heart in 17 places, was pure magic. The second, You caught me out, was quite a good effort with some magic moments. A compilation album was released containing the best tracks from the first two plus some other songs, including My guy, that didn't appear on either.

Tracey's biggest hit, They don't know, was a cover of a song by the brilliant Kirsty MacColl, whose own version of the song had mysteriously flopped. Tracey took the song to number two in the UK and number eight in the USA. It went to number one in Norway and several other countries. After that Kirsty supplied Tracey with other songs - You broke my heart in 17 places, You caught me out, Terry

Tracey had other hits in the UK, all covers. Breakaway (Jackie De Shannon) peaked at four. Move over darling peaked at eight in Britain just as Doris Day's original had done although neither made the USA charts. Sunglasses was first recorded by Skeeter Davis but was quickly covered by Sandy Posey. My guy was originally written and recorded by Madness as My girl. The minor hit Helpless is a Motown song originally recorded by Kim Weston.

Tracey recorded many other covers of songs from the late fifties to the early eighties including Long live love (Sandie Shaw). Shattered (Sandy Posey), Oh what a night (the Dells), Bobby's girl (Marcie Blaine in the USA, Susan Maughan in the UK), Life is a rock but the radio rolled me (Reunion), I'm always touched by your presence dear (Blondie), I close my eyes and count to ten (Dusty Springfield), Baby I lied (Deborah Allen), I don't want our loving to die (the Herd) and Falling in and out of love (Sinceros).

As befitting a comedienne, Tracey's music is upbeat, fun, music not to be taken too seriously but Tracey is no mere novelty singer. This is great party music but can be enjoyed in any setting.

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Del CD original, You Broke My Heart in 17 Places existen varias ediciones (Stiff UK, japonesas):


This re-release has been newly remastered and includes four bonus tracks.

1. Breakaway
2. Long Live Love
3. Shattered
4. Oh, What a Night
5. (Life Is a Rock) But the Radio Rolled Me
6. Move Over Darling
7. Bobby's Girl
8. They Don't Know
9. (I'm Always Touched by Your) Presence Dear
10. You Broke My Heart in 17 Places
11. I Close My Eyes and Count to Ten
12. Dancing in the Dark
13. B-Side [*]
14. Move Over Darling [Extended Version] [*]
15. My Guy [*]
16. Thinking of Running Away [*]

[*] Bonus tracks

This CD is pure fun. Miss Ullman's girlish voice is just right for these 50's/60's styled songs, full of energy and with enough power to carry the occasional ballad. The first two thirds of the disc are her debut album of 1983, and will instantly take listeners of a certain age back to the colourful distractions of that era.

She shines particularly brightly on the Kirsty McCall songs. "You Broke My Heart in 17 Places" is a gem and hers is the definitive version of "They Don't Know". She also acquits herself very well on "I Close My Eyes and Count to Ten", which has a magnificent arrangement every bit as good as the big sound ballads of the sixties. She even makes something of one of the sixties' drippiest songs "Bobby's Girl", giving it a welcome gutsiness.

There is a slight niggle however. The album grinds to a halt with the dismal "The B Side", which really isn't good enough to appear on this collection, before reaching an extended version of "Move Over Darling" and Tracey's sublime version of the Madness classic "My Girl(`s Mad At Me)". ... 000MTOLM2/ ... 000KZRKNK/ ... 000MTOLM2/ ... 000E1KNWA/

Existe otro compilado (hecho por Stiff UK, no por Rhino) con 21 temas, llamado también The Best of Tracey Ullman

Imagen Imagen


Latest in the series of Stiff reissues. UK budget-price compilation culled from the TV comedienne's long out-of-print 80's albums, 'You Broke My Heart in 17 Places' (1983) & 'You Caught Me Out' (1984). 21 tracks including her hit cover of Kirsty MacColl's 'They Don't Know', 'Breakaway', 'I Know What Boys Like' & 'You Broke My Heart In 17 Places'.

1. Breakaway
2. They Don't Know
3. I Know What Boys Like
4. Bad Motorcycle
5. My Guy
6. Sunglasses
7. (Life Is A Rocl) But The Radio Rolled Me
8. Move Over Darling
9. (I'm Always Touched By Your) Presence Dear
10. Give Him A Great Big Kiss
11. Shattered
12. You Caught Me Out
13. Helpless
14. Candy
15. Terry
16. Falling In And Out Of Love
17. I Don't Want Our Loving To Die
18. If I Had You
19. You Broke My Heart In 17 Pieces
20. Thinking Of Running Away
21. The B-Side

Tracy Ullman-You Caught Me Out-Vinylrip-Abrasax


Vinylrip: Tracy Ullman-You Caught Me Out
LABEL: Stiff
PRODUCER: Peter Collins

01. You Caught Me Out
02. Little By Little
03. Baby I Lied
04. Terry
05. Bad Motorcycle
06. Loving You Is Easy
07. Sunglasses
08. If I Had You
09. Helpless
10. Where The Boys Are
11. Give Him A Great Big Kiss
12. I Know What Boys Like

In 1983, Ullman succeeded as a singer on the punk label Stiff Records, although her style was more comic romantic than punk. She had six songs in the British Top 100 in less than two years. Her 1983 debut album, You Broke My Heart In 17 Places, featured her first hit single, "Breakaway" (famous for her performance with a hairbrush as a microphone); the international hit cover version of label-mate Kirsty MacColl's, "They Don't Know", went to #2 in the UK, and #8 in the U.S. MacColl, sang backing vocals on Ullman's version. It would later become the theme song to Ullman's later television series, "Tracey Takes On...".

Follow-up singles, "Move Over Darling", reached #8 in the UK, and the cover of Madness's, "My Girl", which Ullman changed to, "My Guy's Mad At Me", were released. (The "My Guy" video featured the British politician, Neil Kinnock, at the time the Leader of the Opposition)

Ullman's songs were over-the-top evocations of 1960s and 1970s pop music with a 1980s edge, "somewhere between Minnie Mouse and The Supremes" as Britain's Melody Maker put it, or "retro before retro was cool", as a retrospective reviewer wrote in 2002. Her career received another boost when the video for "They Don't Know" featured a cameo from Paul McCartney; at the time Ullman was filming a minor role in McCartney's film Give My Regards To Broad Street. Ullman released her second and last album, You Caught Me Out, in 1984.

Her final hit, Sunglasses (1984) featured comedian Adrian Edmondson in its music video. During this time, she also appeared as a guest VJ on MTV in the United States.

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Totally Tracey Online - Discography

Tracey Ullman (nacida el 30 de diciembre de 1959, de Capricornio como yo ;-), de padre polaco y madre gitana, en Slough, Berkshire, Inglaterra) es una comediante británica, actriz y cantante quien es principalmente famosa por ser la presentadora de un programa de televisión con su nombre. Ullman tiene una habilidad extraordinaria para imitar acentos, en sus numerosos personajes ella raramente usa su acento normal.

Con 16 años, comenzó a trabajar en musicales, consiguiendo papeles en Gigi, Grease y The Rocky Horror Show, entre otros.
En 1983, tuvo un gran éxito como cantante en Stiff Records, aunque su estilo era más cómico que punk. Colocó tres canciones en el Top 100 británico en menos de dos años, incluyendo su primer hit "Breakaway", el hit internacional "They Don´t Know" y "My Guy".
Sus canciones eran evocaciones de la música pop de los 1960s y los 1980s. Su último hit fue "Sunglasses" a finales de 1984. Durante ese período, fue VJ invitada a los MTV en los Estados Unidos.


El programa de televisión estadounidense de Ullman, The Tracey Ullman Show ganó cuatro Emmys y popularizó Los Simpson, que empezaron como caricaturas muy simples (creados por Matt Groening).
Debutó en abril de 1987 como la primera serie de la cadena FOX y duró hasta mayo de 1990.
El show se basaba en un sketch humorístico que contenía un gran número de musicales.
La familia Simpson debutó en un corto de caricatura en The Tracey Ullman Show antes de volverse una serie de media hora. Estos cortos, se ponían antes y después de cada corte comercial durante las primeras tres temporadas del programa. Los cortos fueron estrenados en abril de 1987 y terminaron en mayo de 1989, mismo año en que se estrenaría la serie.
Todos ellos eran escritos por Matt Groening y animados por Klasky-Csupo por un equipo de animadores formado por David Silverman, Wes Archer y Bill Kopp. El color amarillo de la piel fue inventado por el colorista Georgi Peluse, para que la gente piense que el control de la tinta estaba roto, como un alto color de la tinta puede causar que la piel de una persona caucásica parezca amarilla.
En 1992 Ullman interpuso un pleito contra 20th Century Fox en la Corte Superior de Los Angeles por 2 millones y medio de dólares a cuenta de los 50 millones estimados en beneficios por merchandising. Años después, cuando su programa dejó de emitirse, ella dijo bromeando en un programa nocturno de entrevistas en televisión estar esperanzada en que un día tenga un spot regular de 2 minutos en Los Simpsons.

Últimamente Ullman apareció en Tracey Takes On... en HBO, donde fue nominada y ganó gran cantidad de Emmys incluyendo Variedad Excepcional, Música y Serie Humorística en 1997 por el episodio "Vegas"

Tracey Takes On: The Complete Seasons One & Two / DVD-Video
Standard 1.33:1 Color / Region 1

Imagen Imagen

Imagen Imagen

Studio: HBO Home Video / Release Date: 6/27/2006
Length: 750 mins / Number of Discs: 6

Tracey Takes On: Season One (1996) / 300 minutos
The always hilarious, often outrageous, Tracey Ullman takes on a variety of topics - and faces - from Romance to Royalty and Ruby Romaine, Family to Fame and Fern Rosenthal in the complete first season of her award-winning HBO comedy series, Tracey Takes On...
In HBO's Emmy®-winning series, Tracey portrays her most memorable and amusing characters such as fading star Linda Granger, cab driver Chic, flight attendant Trevor Ayliss, sheepish caretaker Kay Clark, donut store owner Noh Nang Ning, driven fashion editor Janie Pillsworth, awkward college student Hope Finch...and many, many more.

Tracey Takes On: Season Two (1997) / 450 minutos
Tracey is back with the complete second season of her hilarious, groundbreaking HBO comedy series, Tracey Takes On... In each of these 15 outrageous episodes, Tracey takes on a new focus - and several new faces - Sex and Secrets, Mothers and Money, Las Vegas...and of course Linda Granger.
Tracey returns with her repertoire of lovable, laughable and occasionally ludicrous characters: burned-out hippie folk singer Erin McColl, oversexed Middle Eastern cab driver Chic, rough and tumble stuntwoman Rayleen, prudish politician's wife Virginia Bugge, lesbian golf-lover Chris Warner...and many, many more. Go ahead, take on her whole world at once!

Tracey Takes On: Season One / Tracey Takes On New York
Tracey Takes On...
·Fern: The Early Years
·Fern & Harry
Audio Commentary with Tracey Ullman / Meet the Characters: A Slide Show

Tracey Takes On: Season Two
Tracey Takes On...
Audio Commentary with Tracey / The Many Faces of Tracey: a Slide Show

Video: Standard 1.33:1 Color
Audio: ENGLISH: Dolby Digital Stereo [CC] | SPANISH: Dolby Digital Stereo | SPANISH: Dolby Digital Mon
Fuente: ... s_id=20904

Tracey ha aparecido en muchas películas, incluyendo I Love You to Death (Te amaré hasta que te mate), Robin Hood: Men in Tights, Household Saints, Ladrones de medio pelo, A Dirty Shame y The Corpse Bride (El cadáver de la novia, voz de Nell Van Dort). Asimismo fue la poco convencional terapéuta de Ally en la serie de televisión Ally McBeal.

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Tracey Ullman: Live And Exposed / DVD-Video
Standard 1.33:1 Color / Production Year: 2005 / Region 1
Imagen Imagen
Studio: HBO Home Video / Production Year: 2005 / Release Date: 9/6/2005 /
Length: 75 mins

Tracey Ullman's State Of The Union: Complete Season 1 / DVD-Video
Widescreen 1.85:1 Color (Anamorphic) / Production Year: 2008 / Region 1
Imagen Imagen
Studio: Eagle Rock / Production Year: 2008 / Release Date: 11/11/2008 / Length: 150 mins

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