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Cult Trailers y Grindhouse Trailer Classics Vol. 1, 2 y 3

Aquí te dejo un blog que tiene mucho más de lo que se puede meter en 1 ó 2 DVDs.

What You Are About To See May Shock You...

This site is dedicated to the art of the trailer. In particular, the trailers for the kinds of movies that respectable movie audiences stay away from in droves. Horror, exploitation, “grindhouse” flicks that skimp on the budget but pay off big time in laughs and sometimes scares.


Sometimes the trailers are better than the movies themselves, which is the case with some of these. You can always put together a minute and a half of the films best moments and make it look killer. Oasis of the Zombies comes to mind immediately.

These trailers are presented in random order, much like they would be played at New York’s notorious “grindhouse” circuit. We may get an Italian zombie or giallo flick paired with an American blaxploitation film or a Spaghetti Western paired with a Canadian slasher. Or even just some plain weird mainstream films that didn't quite hit the mark with the general public. Anything goes. From time to time you'll see repeats, but that's because I think they warrant more than one viewing (or I just can't keep track of what I posted months ago!) You can now just click in the genre of film you want to see or access the Blog Archive below to find more trailers. We also have a comprehensive list of links to the best horror, exploitation and B-movie sites that are updated frequently.

Have fun boys and ghouls.

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Grindhouse Trailer Classics [2007] [DVD]


DVD Description
GRINDHOUSE cinemas were located in the sleaziest, most run-down US inner-cities and New York’s 42nd Street was one of the most famous trash pit hangouts for denizens of the lower depths. From dusk ‘til dawn these moviehouses would unspool a mind-boggling assortment of English language and foreign exploitation movies featuring lashings of sex, gore and violence.


For the first time ever on British DVD you can now sit back and take a twisted trip back to the glory days of the sleazy 60s and 70s for a roaring rampage through a two-hour hand-picked collection of some of the most insane examples of trailer trash ever to slash and burn their way through a Grindhouse cinema projector.

Directors such as Eli (HOSTEL) Roth, Rob (THE DEVIL’S REJECTS) Zombie and Quentin (GRINDHOUSE) Tarantino have all since revisted these movies and have made their own supercharged movies relying heavily on the essence of many of these Seventies Grinhouse cinema classics. Tarantino in particular has taken a lot of his inspiration from these movies and trailers, and we’ve included some of his favourites here - see if you can spot them!


Of course, most of the films themselves could never live up to these incredible trailers, some of which can today be considered true masterpieces of creative hyperbolic advertising and marketing. With their often hilariously over-the-top voice-overs and mind-bending taglines - and all the most graphic glimpses from the movies themselves, you won't find a more vivid distillation of the best and worst that Grindhouse had to offer!

Many of the actors and filmmakers seen here went on to much bigger and better things, so it’s no surprise that these movies have since achieved cult status, making GRINDHOUSE TRAILER CLASSICS a must own DVD. And it’s ideal for parties too…

Special Features
- Video: Widescreen (1.78:1) Presentation Enhanced for Widescreen TVs
- Audio: English 2.0 | Optional English Subtitles
- Featurette: Bump ‘N’ Grind: Emily Booth Explores the World of Grindhouse (17 mins)
Emily Booth (star of Evil Aliens and Pervirella and presenter of the TV shows outTHERE and Shock Movie Massacre) and written by Stephen Thrower, the acclaimed author of Nightmare USA: The Untold Story of the Exploitation Independents. And if that wasn't enough for genre fans, the DVD also features exclusive artwork by illustrator and painter Graham Humphreys, the artist behind the theatrical poster campaigns for The Evil Dead and A Nightmare On Elm Street.
- Gallery of Grindhouse Movie Poster Art
- Trailers for other Nucleus Films releases
- DVD 9 (dual layer) high bit rate encode for optimum picture quality

"tonymontana" escribió: Grindhouse Trailer Classics [2007]
La verdad que es una muy linda edición;
Es un DVD9 de 5.93 GB, Son 55 Trailers mas unos buenos extras, obviamente hay trailers con mejores transfers que otros, y es obvio por la epoca de cada movie, y vienen con subtitulos opcionales en Inglés, mas no se puede pedir.
Aca unas capturas del menú / extras, que es animado con musica y bla bla:


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Grindhouse Trailer Classics 2 [2008] [DVD]



Video: Widescreen (1.78:1) Presentation Enhanced for 16x9 TVs
Audio: English 2.0 Mono / Subtítulos: English
Disco: DVD-5 (What is not so forgivable however is that this two hour presentation is crammed onto a single DVD5 and the bit rate suffers as a result at an average of 3.81Mbs. The video is also unfortunately interlaced. While the image is always watchable a number of the trailers, particularly those sources from lesser quality prints, suffer as a result.)

- Into the Grindhouse: (10m26) A featurette featuring an interview with author Stephen Thrower. Thrower is the author of the book Nightmare USA which I thoroughly recommend and discusses a brief history of the genre. A very likeable and knowledgeable fellow who is interviewed in front of one of the most amazing selection of videos I have ever seen.
- Grindhouse Poster Gallery: (1m49) Exactly what it says excellent quality film posters. Ideal for capturing and printing off.
- Trailers: Bloodbath at the House of Death, Gwendoline, London Voodoo, Death Ship (brilliant) and Fausto 5.0.



The 55 trailers included in Grindhouse Trailer Classics 2 are Night Call Nurses, The Tigress (Ilsa, the Tigress of Siberia), Sister Street Fighter, Kung Fu, Chain Gang Women, Black Shampoo, The Undertaker and his Pals, Jailbait Babysitter, Violent Professionals, The Cheerleaders, Cuthroats Nine, The Black Gestapo, Sacrifice, Dolemite, The House that Screamed, Dr Minx, Don’t Go in the House, Cinderella 2000, The Hunchback of the Morgue, Criminally Insane, Foxy Brown, Bloody Pit of Horror, The Pink Angels, Nightmare, The Depraved, Don’t Look in the Basement, The Arena, Naughty Stewardesses, Snuff, The Twilight People, The Worm Eaters, The Virgin Slaughter, Mean Mother, Tender Flesh, Ilsa, the Wicked Warden, Death Dealer, Invasion of the Blood Farmers, Deep Red, Mighty Peking Man, Asian Monster, Blood Orgy of the She Devils, The Bodyguard, Virgin Witch, Women in Cages, The Exterminator, Don’t Answer the Phone!, Raw Meat, Street Law, Flesh Gordon, Vampyres, Rabid, House of Psychotic Women, The Girls Who Do, The Driller Killer, Nurse Sherri, Chinese Hercules and Invasion of the Bee Girls.

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No hay 2 sin 3...

Grindhouse Trailer Classics 3
Studio: Nucleus Films | DVD Release Date: 5 Dec 2011 | Run Time: 100 minutes

- 55 trailers transferred from 35mm
- Introduction by Kim Newman (16:9; 0:48)
- Kim Newman's Guide to the Grindhouse (16:9; 15:22)
- Poster Gallery
- Nucleus Films Trailershow (all 19 current and upcoming releases)
- Naughty Trailershow (all 11 current and upcoming releases)

the trailers / the extra features (REVIEW)

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