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CINE DE CULTO: Scorpio Releasing (2009- ) DVD Z1 - Catálogo 2012

Retomo con lo que vienen editando en los últimos meses...
POST ORIGINAL: CINE DE CULTO: Scorpion Releasing (2009- ) DVD Z1 - Catálogo

The Devil Within Her aka I Dont Want to be Born (1976) - Director: Peter Sasdy | Item Code: SCORP1034
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Video: Widescreen 1.78:1 Color (Anamorphic) | Audio: ENGLISH: Dolby Digital Mono
EXTRAS: Watch This In "Katarina's Nightmare Theater" Format With Our Hostess Katarina Leigh Waters Or Play Feature Only
Plus: Interview With Star John Steiner and Original Theatrical Trailer
Cast: Caroline Munro, Joan Collins, Hilary Mason, Donald Pleasence y John Steiner
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Otras películas de Peter Sasdy:
Imagen Imagen (Countess Dracula solamente)

Final Exam (1981) - Director: Jimmy Huston | Item Code: SCORP1036
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Video: Widescreen 1.78:1 Color (Anamorphic) | Audio: ENGLISH: Dolby Digital Mono
EXTRAS: Watch This In "Katarina's Nightmare Theater" Format With Our Hostess Katarina Leigh Waters Or Play Feature Only
Plus: Brand New Audio Commentary With Producer Myron Meisel Moderated By Katarina Leigh Waters, On Camera Interview With Cast Members and Original Trailer
FINAL EXAM was initially released on DVD by BCI. That edition is now out of print. I have not seen that edition but Scorpion Releasing's "Katarina's Nightmare Theater" DVD touts a brand new high definition transfer, and the attractive progressive, dual-layer, anamorphic image is free of edge enhancement (if only the script and acting were as slick as the cinematography). The Dolby Digital mono audio is in very good condition (sound was reportedly problematic on the previous edition).
The BCI disc featured a cast audio commentary that has not been carried over here; rather, Scorpion has produced a new commentary track with producer Myron Meisel, moderated by host Katarina Leigh Waters. Meisel has a vivid recollection of the shoot, and is refreshingly candid in his remarks about the cast and crew, some on-set bad behavior, multiple cast and crew injuries (mostly from inexperience), and the illegal acquisition of a payphone for a shot when the on-location prop one broke. The three cast interviews from the BCI release have been carried over here.

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Edición anterior de FINAL EXAM y otra película de Jimmy Huston:
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FINAL EXAM EXTRAS EDICIÓN BCI: Audio Commentary with stars Joel RIce, Cecile Bagdadi and Sherry Willis-Burch, Interviews with Joel Rice, Cecile Bagdadi and Sherry Willis-Burch plus Trailers
The transfer on the BCI disc was far from magna cum laude, with a general softness and some roughness and inconsistencies in the blacks (of which there are a lot in a movie like this). But it was a colorful and vivid one, which is far from what one would expect from a slasher (especially back in 2008). Fans were happy, so it came as quite the surprise that this new DVD was going to start from scratch with a fresh HD sourced transfer. Well folks, Scorpion made the right choice. This transfer is a major improvement. Where to start? The first thing you’ll notice is that the frame has been opened up some, which is nice since the film was always displayed open matte on video. It’s 1.78:1 now, and not only are the small black crops from the original DVD absent, but the actual negative has been zoomed out to display more info. What’s even better is that the actual frame seems to have been manipulated scene to scene resulting in better headroom and composition during shots. Look no further than the shot of the killer in the kitchen to see this in action.
You’ll also notice in that shot that black levels and detail are also very much improved on this second pass, since you can now make out some of the killer’s facial features (where before he was in crushed blacks) and the overall image just displays crisper detail across all parts. This is true with all the stills and the film itself, it’s a lot better to look at. While bitrates between the two films are about equal, there are far less compression artifacts this time around, and the picture is just overall sharper, cleaner and more catching to the eye. In our era of hidef, the idea of upgrading a DVD from a previous one is becoming increasingly less realistic. Surely the upgrade couldn’t be that pronounced in SD, right? Final Exam proves that wrong though – the upgrade in quality really is evident from the first frame. The newfound clarity and detail really adds a lot to the picture and enhances what had always been before a very darkly shot film. The upgrade is major.
That said, I can’t give this Exam a perfect score. While it improves in nearly every facet, the color timing sometimes leaves a bit to be desired. This new transfer is lacking the vibrancy of the old, where sometimes scenes seem a little too brown or earthy than they ought to be. Whites aren’t quite as white as they should be either. That’s the only red ink I can write on this one, though, and all things considered the coloring is still much better than most films of this ilk ever receive. The fact remains that this is a scholarly upgrade over the BCI disc. Bravo.

Otra que hizo... My Best Friend Is A Vampire, protagonizada por un jovencísimo Robert Sean Leonard (Wilson en Dr. House).

Revenge (1971) - Director: Sidney Hayers | Item Code: SCORP1040
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EXTRAS: Watch This In "Katarina's Nightmare Theater" Format with Our Hostess Katarina Leigh Waters (Former WWE Diva and Current TNA Knockout) or Play Feature Only
Otras películas de Sidney Hayers:
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The House On Sorority Row (1982) - Director: Mark Rosman | Item Code: SCOPR1042
Comentada más arriba.
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Ediciones Anteriores (Elite Entertainment / Libeation Entertainment):
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The Devil's Men aka Land of the Minotaur (1976) / Terror (1978) [Double Feature] - Directores: Kostas Karagiannis (The Devil’s Men), Norman J. Warren (Terror) | Item Code: SCORP1043
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EXTRAS: Watch Theses In Katarina's Nightmare Theater Format With Our Hostess Katarina Leigh Water of Play Features Only
Plus: Bloody Good Fun: A Terror Featurette, Deleted Scenes and Original Trailer
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Kostas Karagiannis (1932–1993) @ - Director (146 titles)
Norman J. Warren (1942-) - Director (12 titles)

L.A. Is My Home Town (1976) - Director: Geoffrey Hayden | Item Code: SCORP1044
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Extra: Audio Commentary With Ian Whitcomb
DVD Review: ... -Home-Town

Whispers (1989) - Director: Douglas Jackson | Item Code: SCORP1045
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EXTRAS: Watch This In Katarina's Nightmare Theater Format With Our Hostess Katarina Leigh Waters
DVD Reviews: ... e-theater/ , ... 3-Whispers
Otras películas de Douglas Jackson:
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Imagen Imagen
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Molly Ringwald, Elizabeth Berkley, Helen Slater, Lesley Ann Warren y Tia Carrere, Alexandra Paul, Barbara Nivel y Susan Blakely.
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Double Exposure (1982) - Director: William Byron Hillman | Item Code: SCORP1046
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EXTRAS: Watch This In Katarina's Nightmare Theater Format or Play Feature Only
- Audio Commentary With Cinematographer R. Michael Stringer and Script Supervisor Sally Stringer Moderated By Katarina Leigh Waters
- Audio Commentary With Star Michael Callan Moderated By Hostel Producer Scott Spiegel and Katarina Leigh Waters
- On Camera Interview With Star Michael Callan Conducted By Katarina Leigh Waters and Theatrical Trailer
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Mark Of Cain (1989) / Thrillkill (1987) [Double Feature] - Directores: Bruce Pittman y Anthony D'Andrea, Anthony Kramreither | Item Code: SCORP1047
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EXTRAS: Watch These In Katarina's Nightmare Theater Format With Our Hostess Katarina Leigh Waters or Play Feature Only

The Sidelong Glances Of A Pigeon Kicker (1970) - Director: John Dexter | Item Code: SCORP1048
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Otras películas de John Dexter:
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Este DEXTER parece más enfermito que el de la serie de TV. 8)


Satan's Slave (1976) - Director: Norman J. Warren | Item Code: ¿ SCORP1048 ?
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Parecidos razonables: Imagen
EXTRAS: Watch This In Katarina's Nightmare Theater Format With Our Hostess Katarina Leigh Waters (Former WWE Diva) or Play Feature Only
Plus: All You Need Is Blood - A Vintage Featurette, Creating Satan, Devilish Music - Interview With Composer John Scott,
Fragments - A Short Film By Norman J. Warren, Deleted Scenes and Trailers
DVD Reviews: ... e-theater/ ,
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DVD Comparison: Z2 UK vs. Z1 USA @ ... _slave.htm

Puppet On A Chain (1971) - Director: Geoffrey Reeve | Item Code: SCORP1049
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DVD Review:

The Survivor (1981) - Director: David Hemmings (el protagonista de Blow-Up y Profondo Rosso)
DVD Release Date: April 17, 2012
Con: Robert Powell, Jenny Agutter and Joseph Cotten
DVD Review: ... rvivor-The
DVD Z2 vs. Z1: ... rvivor.htm

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