domingo, 27 de noviembre de 2011

The Captains: A Film By William Shatner (2011) DVD Z1

No hace mucho agarre una "Reunion" entre Shatner, Nimoy y los de The New Generation junto a Whoopy Goldberg.
Está en 720p y el subtítulo en español se consigue.
Star Trek: The Captain's Summit (1 of 7)

For the first time in Star Trek history, five of the final frontier's greatest names have been brought together for a 70-minute rare and unprecedented round table event. Filmed exclusively for the Star Trek: Original Motion Picture Collection, William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes and host Whoopi Goldberg share candid insights, humourous moments, and intimate details about life on the set, working with each other and how Star Trek has affected their lives.

En Youtube pueden encontra cosas como estas:
Jonathan Frakes & Marina Sirtis - Reunion Of The Rikers / The Star Trek Cast

Ahora William Shatner armo su propio documental:
The Captains: A Film By William Shatner (2011) Film By William Shatner
Imagen Imagen
Studio: E1 Entertainment | Release Date: 10/4/2011 | Length: 120 mins

Ah, y también les dejo este otro:
Star Trek: A Captains Log (2010) - Documentary
This documentary is a trip through the original series. The whole movie is composed of short fragments showing the high points of original series. Between them we can listen to comments of actors. They talk how they felt during shooting, how they feel the series now and what is the meaning of series for the mankind. The original series is full of allegories and in this documentary they are all presented to us with straight words. All leading characters are presented, described and we find out what they do really represent. In the last third the movies with original crew are presented.

ENLACES: ... _2011.html ... 4-1108071/ ... &oxfecha=2 ... ry-752334/
Live long and prosper !!!

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