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These Amazing Shadows (2011) Blu-Ray USA

These Amazing Shadows: The Movies That Make America
Revolviendo mis discos rígidos, encontré este documental sobre The National Film Registry.
El documental se estrenó en el Festival de Sundance del 2011.
Está editado en DVD y Blu-Ray por PBS, con subtítulos en inglés.
Obviamente se puede bajar un DVDRip y calzarle algún subtítulo.

These Amazing Shadows (2011) - Directores: Paul Mariano, Kurt Norton
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- "The Art of Preservation" (27:13, HD) is more or less a sequel to "These Amazing Shadows," plunging deeper into the art of movie restoration with hosts Liz Stanley and George Willeman. The focus here is on film history and how prints were treated in the early days, lost to unstable elements, fires, and horrific care. While it carries a heroic tone as the technicians work their surgical magic, the future isn't bright for cinema, finding studios putting their faith in a digital future that's even more unstable than celluloid.
- "Recording the Score" (6:57, HD) sits down with composer Peter Golub, who discusses how he shaped his own music to fit with the specific moods of the films explored, finding original themes for the documentary with help from the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.
- "'These Amazing Shadows' at Sundance" (5:46, HD) captures the filmmakers and a few of the documentary's "stars" as they run around the iconic film festival, facing Q&As, photo shoots, and panel discussions.
- Outtakes (8:20, HD) provide additional moments with Christopher Nolan, John Waters, and Tim Roth.
- Alternate and Deleted Scenes (8:23, HD) discusses the merits of "The Gold Diggers of 1933," the favorite movies of the interviewees (producer James Schamus picks "E.T." -- right on), the legacy of the "Godfather" films, and the potency of "Boyz N the Hood."
- A Theatrical Trailer (1:06, HD) is provided.


Outtakes en 720p:

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WEBSITE: http://www.theseamazingshadows.com/

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