jueves, 28 de junio de 2012

Los Destacados en DVD Zona 1 de MartinD1 - JULIO 2012

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***This Deluxe Edition does not include an autographed postcard from Jonathan Frid (Barnabas Collins) or a Limited Edition serial number.***
This limited edition boxed set contains every eerie episode of the original Gothic suspense series Dark Shadows (1966-1971) plus a wealth of bonus interviews with the stars and creative members that made the supernatural thriller a cult favorite and an enduring television classic.
131 DVDs with all 1,225 Complete Episodes
Commemorative large Coffin package (housing 22 amarays)
Deluxe booklet with episode summaries & photographs
Special Bloopers, Treasures & Behind The Scenes DVD's
Over 120 Bonus Cast & Crew Video Interviews
Deluxe, high quality packaging (matte and foil coating, nickel hinges, black ribbon to hold lid when open
http://cdn3a.dvdempire.org/products/68/1610568h.jpg http://cdn3a.dvdempire.org/products/08/1618008h.jpg

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