domingo, 12 de agosto de 2012

JJOO: Medallero Olímpico

Y se acabó.

Medallero Londres 2012

El medallero de los Juegos Olímpicos de Londres 2012 presenta todas las medallas obtenidas por los deportistas ganadores de los eventos. Las medallas aparecen agrupadas por los países participantes y se ordenan de forma descendente contando las medallas de oro obtenidas; en caso de haber empate, se ordena de igual forma contando las medallas de plata y, en caso de mantenerse la igualdad, se cuentan las medallas de bronce. También puedes ver el Medallero por atletas Londres 2012.

1Bandera de Estados Unidos Estados Unidos462929104
2Bandera de China China38272287
3Bandera de Gran Bretaña Gran Bretaña29171965
4Bandera de Rusia Rusia24253382
5Bandera de Corea del Sur Corea del Sur138728
6Bandera de Alemania Alemania11191444
7Bandera de Francia Francia11111234
8Bandera de Italia Italia891128
9Bandera de Hungria Hungria84517
10Bandera de Australia Australia7161235
11Bandera de Japon Japon7141738
12Bandera de Kazajstan Kazajstan71513
13Bandera de Paises Bajos Paises Bajos66820
14Bandera de Ucrania Ucrania65920
15Bandera de Cuba Cuba53614
16Bandera de Nueva Zelanda Nueva Zelanda53513
17Bandera de Iran Iran45312
18Bandera de Jamaica Jamaica44412
19Bandera de Republica Checa Republica Checa43310
20Bandera de Corea del Norte Corea del Norte4026
21Bandera de España España310417
22Bandera de Brasil Brasil35917
23Bandera de Biolerrusia Biolerrusia35513
24Bandera de Sudafrica Sudafrica3216
25Bandera de Etiopia Etiopia3137
26Bandera de Croacia Croacia3126
27Bandera de Rumania Rumania2529
28Bandera de Kenia Kenia24511
29Bandera de Dinamarca Dinamarca2439
30Bandera de Azerbaiyan Azerbaiyan22610
30Bandera de Polonia Polonia22610
32Bandera de Turquia Turquia2215
33Bandera de Suiza Suiza2204
34Bandera de Lituania Lituania2125
35Bandera de Noruega Noruega2114
36Bandera de Canada Canada151218
37Bandera de Suecia Suecia1438
38Bandera de Colombia Colombia1348
39Bandera de Georgia Georgia1337
39Bandera de Mexico Mexico1337
41Bandera de Irlanda Irlanda1135
42Bandera de Argentina Argentina1124

The 1908 London Olympics: The Greatest Games Ever Played   

As the 2012 London Olympics draws to a close, plenty of historic moments have been recorded for posterity. The City of London has made itself proud with these games, but over a hundred years ago, London hosted the games set to the tune of a different climate. These wonderful images show the same passion and sportsmanship exhibited by athletes today. Truly, the greatest games ever played were hosted during the 1908 London Olympics.

The 1908 London Olympics set a precedent for many traditions in the Olympic games as well as in the individual sports. For example, the display of the different nations' flags was introduced during these games, and the distance of the modern day Marathon (26 miles) was established here to take into consideration the distance between Windsor Castle and the White City Stadium.

The 1908 Summer Games was one of only a handful of times that Tug of War was included as an official sport. Jeu de Paume, a type of early indoor ball-and-racquet game, had its first and last official tournaments here as well.

These hundred-year old images also show the curious changes in fashion and tradition. The master of ceremonies above looks dapper in top hat and tails while the gymnasts look modest in their knee-length uniform compared to today's outfits. Here are a few more images detailing the Olympics of yesteryear:

More of the greatest games ever played in this NPR article where all these images were taken from. For a modern look at today's Olympic athletes, check out the different body types of athletes as photographed by Howard Schatz and Beverly Ornstein.