jueves, 30 de agosto de 2012

EUROPA EUROPA: Cine Europeo / European Movies 30/08/2012

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Sevdah for Karim (2010) Sevdah za Karima {Bosnia and Herzegovina} Sevdah for Karim (2010) Sevdah za Karima {Bosnia and Herzegovina} 
Sevdah in Bosnian means an unfulfilled yearning, longing or even lovesickness. Director Jasmin Durakovic’s second full-length feature uses metaphor and slick camera work to set up a story filled with explosive situations. Karim and his sister Dzemila are young Muslims whose parents have just recently passed away. As part of a team of mine experts clearing the hilly countryside behind Sarajevo of buried mines, Karim realizes he can make more money elsewhere by enlisting to clear mines in Iraq. Meanwhile, he hangs out with neurotic troublemaker Juka, whom he shares a military past with. But they share something else - their desperate love for Ivana. Smart dialogue illuminates current attitudes on the state of the world, politics, policies, and the clash between the West and Islam. Sevdah For Karim shows us a lost post-war generation, flirting with death and danger, and still locked into mentalities and frustrations that the generations before them faced. At the same time, it’s an audacious commentary on a youth left emotionally adrift in a world without value.

Alila (2003)Alila (2003)
Up to now, old Schwartz led a peaceful existence, surrounded by Linda, a young Philippine woman who takes care of him, his neighbor Aviram who never goes out without his dog, and Mali, whose love affair with Ilan, on the other side of the courtyard, did not bother him much. But lately everything seems out of order. Every day, the building echoes with screaming and yelling. Is it because of Hezi, who has secretly rented an apartment to make love with his mistress Gabi, whose shrieks of pleasure bring all the neighbors out? Or is it because of the new neighbors who extend their apartment with authorization? Even Mali is in trouble: the building contractor in charge of the work camps in front of her home with his Chinese workmen. He happens to be her ex-husband. On top of everything, their son Eyal has deserted the army... A chronicle of everyday life in a building situated on the border between Tel Aviv and Jaffa

Meat (2010) VleesMeat (2010) Vlees
http://bt.eutorrents.me/imagehost/images/meat01.jpg http://bt.eutorrents.me/imagehost/images/meat03.jpg
A neighborhood grocery (and a relationship) are not what they seem on the surface in this sexually charged drama from filmmakers Maartje Seyferth and Victor Nieuwenhuijs. A butcher (Titus Muizelaar) operates what appears to be an ordinary meat market and Roxy (Nellie Benner) is a pretty girl who helps out in the shop. But after hours, Roxy don't have the ordinary employer/employee relationship as they take part in bizarre sexual gamesmanship, with Roxy capturing the action on her video camera. But to Roxy's horror, she discover their kinky after-hours activities are not the only thing at the shop that would shock their customers. Vlees (aka Meat) was an official selection at the 2010 Rotterdam International Film Festival.

Carne Holandesa: Vlees / Meat (2010) - Directores: Maartje Seyferth y Victor Nieuwenhuijs

Las fantasías eróticas de un carnicero en un filme que experimenta texturas que recuerdan a Lynch o Greenaway. (FILMAFFINITY)VER: http://martind1.blogspot.com.ar/2012/08/carne-holandesa-vlees-meat-2010.html

Nana the True Key of Pleasure (1983) NanaNana the True Key of Pleasure (1983) Nana
http://bt.eutorrents.me/imagehost/images/ABs9I.jpg This freestyle film adaptation of the famous novel by Emile Zola, made by Italians, but in English.
18 year-old Katya Berger shows all as a young Parisien lady who finds work at a burlesque club and then takes advantage of the men who come there.

Who Killed The Prosecutor And Why? (1972) Terza ipotesi su un caso di perfetta strategia criminaleWho Killed The Prosecutor And Why? (1972)
"Nino" (Lou Castell) is a glamour photographer at the beach on a shoot when he witnesses a murder that is being constructed to look like an automobile accident. He records the incident, the murder of a prosecutor, and realizes that what he has in his hands is explosive and potentially very lucrative. Initially approaching the Mafia Castell then decides he will hawk his wares to whichever newspaper will buy. Little does he know that as a witness to an incident it may well be the possession of the pictures that is keeping him alive.

Love and death in the garden of Gods (1972) Amore e morte nel giardino degli deiLove and death in the garden of Gods (1972)
Taken possession of an old "villa", a German ornithologist casually discovers some old tapes on which a psychologist has recorded the mysterious doings happened into those isolated walls. So he learns about a gloomy story of incestuous loves and trivial betrayals that will lead to a bloodbath orchestrated by an unexpected crazy character. A love drama disguised in a "giallo" movie that moves too much slowly; but has the regard to show a beautiful and skilled Erica Blank and an intense Peter Lee Lawrence. Romano Scavolini pays much attention in directing the cast and orchestrating the shot, but seems to forget completely the pacing, transforming an otherwise interesting story in a soporific black fable, which hardly someone can go thoroughly.